How to Delete Files in Windows


Introduction: How to Delete Files in Windows

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This is a small tutorial that I've been thinking on adding, so you guys won't die of waiting for me to upload.
Enjoy!- JJRAT

Quiz: What Anime is the desktop from?

Step 1: Find Your Unwanted Files

Gather your unwanted trash that's been sitting in your Disk for a million years in the cold, dark folder you never visit.

Step 2: Drag N' Destroy

Drag your files into the Trash Bin-looking app and right click it, and press "Delete".

Step 3: DONE!

Yay! Your now done! I know this was pretty short, but it was the only content that I could make at the time. Please enjoy, and goodbye~JJRAT



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    That just deletes the shorcut UR not auctally doing anything just because u can't see it DOSENT mean it's not there

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    You don't need the trash bin. Just select the files, right click them and select 'Delete', or just select them and press the 'DEL' key.

    The trash bin is useful to recover files you deleted accidentally, though.

    BTW: The trash bin is NOT a place to store files you may want to get back later (like you store unused stuff in the attic). Files will not stay there forever - once it reaches a certain size (like 10% of drive size), it will forget the oldest files (like your attic is wet and old stuff moulds [okay, not the best example, but, anyway]).

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    The trash bin is where the deleted items go, so it IS needed. This is just one of the ways to do it, I didn't put up everysingle method.

    It is NOT needed to delete stuff (and that's what your instructable is about).

    Is is of course needed to get accidentally deleted stuff back. That is the reason it is there for.

    But you are right, there are a lot of ways to delete files.

    I just wanted to point out two methods where you don't have to dig out the trash bin icon on the desktop just to delete a file. Mark file, press DEL key - done. (Or press Shift-DEL to delete without sending file to the trash bin - but well then gone is gone)

    If the trashbin didn't exist, you couldn't delete files :D

    The only man who doesn't need the bin is Chuck Norris.

    Cuz he deleted the trash bin.

    Instructables is still the way it's always been. I'm doing some Computer how-to instuctables, but click on the "Recent Instructables" and you'll learn that it's still a DIY site.

    OMG. Instructables is not what it used to be.
    What's next? How to copy files?
    LOL :)

    You can also just left-click the file and the press <del> to move it to the trashcan. If you don't want the step of emptying the trashcan and feel save enough, you can also press <shift>+<del> to immediately delete files.

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    Yeah, I forgot to write that....(Fail)

    And you can also drag your mouse around to make a blue bubble around the unwanted files and press Delete or drag it to the bin.