How to Design a Celebrity Quote Cover

Introduction: How to Design a Celebrity Quote Cover

This Instructable will provide you with a peppy template for designing a cover of a celebrity quotation.

Step 1: Requirements

To recreate this Instructable you will require:

Adobe Photoshop

Step 2: Selecting a Quote

Firstly, you will need to pick a quotation which you relate to well, or one which inspires you. You can do so by logging on to which provides a set of well-selected quotations from various personalities.

Since I have always been a great fan of Rowan Atkinson, I decided to pick the following quote by him:

"To be successful you don't need a beautiful face and a heroic body.

What you need is a skillful mind and the ability to perform."

Step 3: An Image to Go With Your Quote

Having selected your quote, you'll now need to find an image which suits your quote. Since I had a quote that spoke about 'not needing a beautiful face', I picked this portrait of Atkinson which goes well with the point he's trying to make. I've also selected it as it is one that dates back to his younger days, hence saying that his quote still stands true today.

Step 4: Editing Your Image

You could perhaps edit your image on Photoshop to make your cover look more fancy.

I've decided to use an effect that comes with Photoshop, called 'Cutout'.

To select this effect, you'll need to click on the 'Filter' tab, and select cutout from the drop-down menu. Photoshop will then render your image using this feature. You can manage the levels of your effect using the options indicated in the picture.

Step 5: Touching Up Your Image

You could add certain colors to make your background image more vivid.

I threw a little warm yellow, which is complemented well by the grey that dominates the image. On the remaining section (to the left of your image, or the right of Rowan!) I decided to add a darker shade of grey.

We are now ready to place our quotation on the image.

Step 6: Selecting a Font

In order to bring out the best of your cover, you must select a font that fits your image. Since we've gone with a 'clean and polished' look, we must select a font that goes with these traits. Creative Market offers a wonderful font by the name of 'Monopoly' which you could avail here:

Download Monopoly Font

This font is simple and clean, and moreover a sans-serif, which matches our rendered image.

Another font you could use is 'Gill Sans MT'. I used 'Gill Sans MT' because it happens to be BBC's official font, and since Atkinson is British, it creates an interesting connection.

Step 7: Add the Quote

On Photoshop, open a Text box and select the font (Gill Sans or Monopoly) you will use from the fonts drop-down menu. Then type out your quote.

You can place the text wherever you like, depending on the length of your title. I've used two text boxes and have broken the quote into two sentences. Together, the text in the two boxes follow the contour created by Atkinson's head and shoulders. I've also selected a dark shade of grey which stands out slightly from the background grey.

Step 8: Final Touch-ups

Finally, you could crop the image to the size you want, depending on the composition you have in mind.

And presto! You've created a cover with a celebrity quotation!

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