How to Design a Cool Stick Figure




 ok, first, just draw a basic head in all directions.


Step 1:

 then the usual body.

Step 2:

 now you can go 2 ways, pants or legs.

Step 3:

 now make a hairstyle, spiky, long, short, flat, or choose an animal hairstyle, like what i do, lion. or maby zebra. Just make it simple.

Step 4:

 then the arms.

Step 5:

 now some simple eyes just 2 lines |  |.

Step 6:

 then you can put somthing in there hands, like a sword, or a gun.

Step 7:

 now if you want you can add a name, like somthing simple and cool, like josh, peter, jacob, matt, seth. or somthing cool like Bandit or Duke.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've had my own stick figure, Mr. Maninahatwithaballoon since 3rd grade. it was a simple faceless stick figure with a top hat on his head and a balloon in his left hand. Now, he has a face and hair.