How to Design and Make a Community / Department Project Board!

Introduction: How to Design and Make a Community / Department Project Board!

Step 1: Step 1: List the Functions

List the functions you would like your project board to serve (ask others in your community what functions they would like for it to serve as well)

Step 2: Step 2: Design

Sketch out ideas that fulfill all of those functions

Tip: CREATIVE titles for sections of the board creates greater attention being placed on the board!
*We chose titles of Beatles songs (From me to you = instant communication white board, A little help from my friends = current projects and who to contact if you want to be involved, Yesterday = past projects, etc.)

Step 3: Step 3: Gather Materials

We used:
Scissors, glue, old magazines, paint, leaves/flowers, ribbon, paper, tape, tacks.

Step 4: Step 4: Find a Board

Find the board you would like to use (size of board is determined by how much space your design will need to function efficiently.)

Step 5: Step 5: Decorate Board! (what We Did)

1. Cover board with large white paper - we used tacks to hold the paper on!

Step 6: 2. Make Section Titles Out of Old Magazines

*Cut out letters from magazines to fit the titles chosen (I found it easier to just go through the magazine and cut out words that were big enough then find the letters I needed out of those words) . Glue letters to background paper.

Step 7: 5 & 6. Outline the Board With Ribbon / Place the Titles on the Board Based on Your Design.

Step 8: 7. Make Pencil Holder:

Materials: Tea Box, tissue paper, ribbon, leaves, tape.
a. fold in tabs of tea box
b. cover with tissue paper
c. wrap up / tie with ribbon
d. tape down ribbon
e. tack to board!

Step 9: Decorate!

8. Decorate board with paint, leaves, magazine pictures, etc.! Make it fun!

Step 10: Be Flexable With Your Design!

9. We also found a larger white board in our department and added that on to our design later!

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