How to Detach You Bladder Form Your BPW




This will teach you how to detach you Bladder on you BPW for easy transport. (Back Plate and Wings)

less then a 3 min project

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Step 1: Push Out the Pins

Push out the pins located at the top and bottom in the middle of the back plate

Step 2: Now Removing the Bladder

Now flip the BPW over and hold the straps. now slide the bladder up be careful. Once bladder is off fold it up and put it in a safe spot for travel.

I hope this instructable helped

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    2 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Looks pretty simple. Now I am looking for a BCD and have been talking to some guys on a Scuba Forum (I am PADI certified). I have only used BCD Jackets, yet a lot of guys are telling me to go with a Backplate/wing. I hear its more adjustable to each user, but what are the real differences here. I know its a back fill so on the surface I am looking at it forcing me to lay flat as opposed to upright with a vest. If you can persuade me thanks!

    1 reply
    jag garciascubaru

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    been using a bp/w for a few years now and will never (ever) go back to a jacket bc if i can avoid it... i get much more control, comfort and better trim in the water...

    given it's a tad heavy to transport (i use a 6lb SS plate) but otherwise it rocks since i don't need a weight belt around my already generous waist