How to Detect Macular Degeneration.

Introduction: How to Detect Macular Degeneration.

Many folks when the get older will get a condition called macular degeneration. It robs people of their central vision, if it is detected early then certain types can be stopped.

Here is how you detect Macular Degeneration.
1. Print the grid out. It's called an Amsler grid we use them every day at Ophthalmologists offices.
2. Place it on your fridge
3. Cover one eye
4. Stare at the dot in the center.
5. If any of the lines look wavy or have missing pieces go to an Ophthalmologist immediately! Blurry or fuzzy is OK just normal refractive error that glasses will take care of, we're looking specifically for wavy, collapsed or missing pieces.
6. Repeat with other eye.



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    7 Discussions


    10 years ago

    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    How far away should the grid be? Or, better phrasing would be how much of your field of vision should it cover?

    4 replies

    The grid should be at 16 inches. If you have to wear glasses to see at that distance it is OK to do so.

    What printer settings should be used (there are different defaults for different printers and file formats)? Basically how many inches/mm wide should the chart be?

    Thanks. If someone is printing from the page image, that's 100 dpi in your printer options or setup.