How to Divide a Corner in a Room.




When you lay a new floor and you will finish it then you find that the corners
in your house are not exact 90 degrees.

With this method you can cut or saw the right corner.

Step 1: What You Need

Bill of material:

A piece of Letter or A4 format (used) paper with one straight edge.
A pencil
A ruler or other thing with parallel edges.

if the piece of paper is to big fold in two.

Step 2: Arange the Paper

Place the paper in the corner of the room one edge against the wall and the other end a little out
of the wall

Step 3: Draw a Line

Use the ruler to draw a parallel line with the wall on the paper. By this way you transfer the corner on the paper.

Step 4: Fold the Paper

Fold the paper from the intersection of the paper edge with the other side of the paper and you have divided the corner.
Please take a look at the picture.
(one picture tells more then 1000 words)

Step 5: Draw the Half Corner on the Base Shoe

Lay your paper on the base shoe. The edge of the paper who touched the wall
is against the edge of the base shoe now you can draw the diagonal (half the corner)
on the base shoe.
Cut or saw on the line.

Step 6: Done

Mount the base shoe and you're ready.



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    10 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    So simple and so obvious. But not something I would have thought of on my own. A very good technique that I will surely use soon. Thanks!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Clever! I may have to use this technique when I install flooring in my basement.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    If all angles were 90 degrees the problem would be solved easily with a carpenter's square and/or a fixed angle circular saw. The problem is that almost no angle is 90 degrees. This Instructable technique works for angles higher or lower than 90. Very slick! The problem with welding magnets is the magnets fall off the wood before you can mark it or cut it.


    Not a bad easy option, granted a protractor will do, never had the problem since we have both a mounted circular saw and a thingy saw, you know with set angles... In a fix welding magnets have lots of useful angles to make marks with, you only need the side plate off one...

    3 replies

    I didn't have all of this, and to buy some for just one time i think is not a option. Can you tell me what a "fix welding magnets" are. Is this a sort of welding device to weld two pieces in a desired angle?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Add a comma, I think. "In a fix, welding magnets have lots..." Welding magnets are magnets with 90 degree and 45 degree angles built in, and hold two pieces at right angles. There are also some that move to any angle.
    Picture stolen from


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Now I understand, maybe this is more a tool for a big steal (wooden in combination with a clamp) construction.