How to Divide



This Instructable is all about dividing, it will teach you a way of dividing without a calculator and you can learn it in about 10-15 minutes.

note 1: The key is practice
note 2: if you want to learn this, you need THE ENTIRE INSTRUCTABLE!!!

Step 1: Materials

easy: pencil and paper

Step 2: 1 Step, an Easy One

you need to start simple so our first sum is 65 : 5.

Dont worry, it are alot of steps because i wrote it so my sis would understand (7 years old)

You need to follow the following steps,

  • write down 65 and put a roof like thingy on it
  • write 5 to the left of it
  • see if 5 fits in the 6 (yes, one time in this case)
  • write the times it fits right of the roof
  • write (in this case) the result of 5 times 1 under the 6
  • put a line under it and subtract the five from the six
  • write down the answer beneath the line
  • This is a bit tricky, pull the 5 from 65 down to the 1 so it becomes 15
  • see how many times 5 fits in 15
  • write the three next to the one on the right of the roof

13 is you anwer to this sum, it appeared right of the roof.
Was it hard? no!

Step 3: Step 2, What If It Doesn't Fit

Sum: 45 : 5

  • write everything down like in the previous step
  • try to fit 5 in the four and note it doesn't fit
  • write down a zero right to the roof
  • write a zero under 4 and subtract 0 from 4
  • write down the answer (4)
  • pull down the five (45)
  • ask yourself how many times 5 fits in 45 (9)
  • write down 9 next to the zero and 45 under 45
  • subtract 45 from 45 and write down the answer like always
  • always en with a zero

PS: you should be able to do it like in the last picture downmost

Step 4: Step 3, No Whole Numbers

sum 15:4

this sum will not end in a whole number but it will result in something with numbers after the comma

  • Do everything like in the previous steps until you wrote down 12 and subtracted
  • now visualize the 15 as 15,000000000000000000000000000000000 (unlimited 0's)
  • when you have used up all the whole numbers (the 1 and the 5) you need to pull down zero's
  • write a comma next to the 3 on the right of the roof, always do this when using numbers after the comma
  • pull down a zero
  • check, subtract, write down,repeat until you get a whole number
  • the answer should be 3,75

now try it with 42 : 8 and check if the answer becomes 5,25

Step 5: Step 4, the Final Step

that all folks, do read this step though.

first i would like to say something about this method, when you get zero but didnt pull down all the numbers just write a zero in the answer box and pull down the next number, do that until you did all the numbers.

second i would like to give you a long sum
if you get the answer 46410734177,5 you are doing well

Three, dividing by 0 isn't possible so the sum 135:0 isn't possible

four, in my country the decimal point is a , and in some country's its a . so there is no cunfusion i thought i should say it

five, good luck!



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    The photos are pretty blurry and hard to see. Any way you could show the work in some other way? What about typing it out even and saving the text as an image? I'm going to leave this out of the Burning Questions group so that you can make changes to it and then re-submit it. How to divide gets a ton of searches, so we want the answer to be rock solid. Keep me posted and thanks for your submission!

    2 replies

    i changed a lot of the images, made with paint =]
    i re-submitted, please tell me soon if i get in because nervosity is killing me =]
    thank you

    bye bye


    Hey dunnos, It's great that you made some changes to your project, and the images from paint are definitely an improvement, but we've already got a How to divide project that sets the bar pretty high. You should take a look at it and make any necessary changes to your Instructable so that yours can compete with it and be entered into the group.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, but i feel i can explain it better than you.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    In step 4 your answer should be 3.75 not 3,75. This implies that the answer is three thousand seven hundred fifty. However I do like the method, not exactly the same form as long division that I learned in grade school but just as effective.

    3 replies