How to Do Miss La Sen Glass Paper Lantern for Mid- Autumn



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You can teach your kid how to make Miss La Sen glass paper lantern for Mid- Autumn.

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Step 1: Use This Miss La Sen Pattern to Draw.

Step 2: Use a Square Bamboo Chair or Something Which Has Square Shape to Wrap a Piece of Wire Around Into a Square.

The wire must be enough hard to make the frame of the lantern. approximately 2mm

Step 3: Connect 2 Ends of the Wire. Make 4 Wire Squares.

Step 4: Cut Out 4 Pieces of Glass Paper in Squares Which Are Bigger Than 4 Wire Squares to Cover Them.

Step 5: Use the Opalescent Color for Glass.

Step 6: Paint the Color for Glass on the Glass Paper.

Step 7: ​Twist a Piece of Wire Into the Candle Holder and Connect It at the Bottom of This Lantern.

Connect 4 squares into a square frame. Cover the glass papers over the frame of the lantern.

Step 8: ​Draw Miss La Sen Head on These Glass Papers.

Use the oil painting to paint Miss La Sen’s head and the circles for decoration. Let it dry.

Step 9: Done. You Can Tie a String on the Top of the Lantern to Hang It.

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