How to Reverse Animate Using Stop Motion Pro

Introduction: How to Reverse Animate Using Stop Motion Pro

This is a step by step tutorial on how to do reverse animation using the program stop motion pro.

Step 1: Why Is Reverse Animation Needed?

Reverse animation is helpful when you build something that takes hours you can film yourself taking it apart and reverse the frame order to get the appearance of you building it.

Step 2: Taking the Pictures

first step is to take the picture of what you want to reverse animate using stop motion pro
(take the pictures in backwards order of the way you want them to be seen)

Step 3: Reversing the Pictures

Start by going into the editor area on stop motion pro
Note: if you intend to just have the reversed part in your video and not the original skip step 3-8

Step 4: Copying Part 1

Now click the first picture you intend to reverse

Step 5: Copying Part 2

Next hold shift and click the last picture in the series of pictures you want to reverse

Step 6: Copying Part 3

Then click actions on the top right hand corner of the screen

Step 7: Copying Part 4

Select copy from the actions area

Step 8: Copying Part 5

Select/click the frame before the one you want the scene to go

Step 9: Copying Part 6

Now right click the frame and select paste after

Step 10: Reversing the Pictures Part 1

Select the pictures that are to be reversed by holding shift as before (see steps 3&4) and go to actions once again click the arrow to the right of the slection bar

Step 11: Reversing the Pictures Part 2

Go down to the "Reverse the order of selected frames" option and click it

Step 12: Apply

Now click apply

Step 13: You're Done

now close the editor mode and hit play enjoy your video. Leave your feed back in the comments below and i hope this was a helpful instructable

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This was a very organized instructable that has a large amount of detailed steps. Good Job.