How to Do a 3 Strand Braid and Fishtail

About: I'm just starting out on this journey. Beauty,Hair,Natural Hair, Fashion,D.I.Y. and more. I'll only get better as time goes along so why not join this journey with me :)

I hope you guys enjoy learning how to braid. If you have any questions or comments leave them below.

Step 1: Find a Hair Model, Mannequin, or Use Your Own Hair.

Step 2: Separate the Hair Into 3 Sections.

Step 3: Take the Left Side and Cross It Over to the Right Side.

Step 4: Make Sure the Middle Is Flat.

Step 5: Take the Right Side and Cross It Over to the Left.

Step 6: Now That You Have Your Hand Positioned in the Correct Way Watch the Video on How to Braid.



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