How to Do a French Braid Heart Hairstyle

Introduction: How to Do a French Braid Heart Hairstyle

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I saw this cute french braid heart hairstyle online and wanted to try it for myself! It's a cute and fun way to fancy up normal french braids.

Thank you to jessyratfink for letting me play with your hair.

Step 1: Starting the Braid

For this hairstyle, you'll just need a few small hair binders and some bobby pins.

Part your hair down the center.

Start by gathering hair near the temple and separate it into 3 starts to start the french braid.

Step 2: Make the French Braid

Start doing a french braid. You want to go towards the back of the head and once you reach the center part, stop doing a french braid and finish the hair with just a regular braid.

Step 3: Other Braid

Now do the same thing on the other side of the head.

Step 4: Make the Heart

We are going to start with the left braid.

Take the braid and bring it up the back of the hair in the center and swirl it down to the left, this should make a circle. Bobby pin this in place.

Do the same with the braid on the other side. The sides should mirror each other.

Once you have both of them bobby pinned in place, you can bring the braids together in the middle. I used a bobby pin to connect the braids together and then used another one to hide the ends behind the rest of the hair. You can just let the ends hang out as well if you don't want to hide them.

Step 5: Finished

And here is your finished hairstyle!



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    Wore it on Valentines day and got a lot of compliments. Thanks!

    1 reply

    Wow awesome, Simply loved it :)

    I should show this to my mom.

    A time, or two, or 20.... I know how you feel Muhaiminah. I love all these styles too but I can never manage to do any of them for some reason. It is very hard to do it on your own. And I have never had anyone to help.

    I would recommend mini jaw clips. They are easier to hide and hold a little tighter. Just try to get some close to the same colour as your hair and clip them in the underside of the braid and they should be almost invisible. They may not work if you have really thick hair though. In that case, the alligator clips are a better option probably.