How to Do a Lord Pringrat

First of all you have to have time.
And a lot of imagination because there is not instructions, only ideas to have fun and to invent a new friend.

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Step 1: Sewing All Together

In this step is important to already have all the parts of the body. As already explained, i didn't have a pattern, only time and need of adventure.
Once the body is all in one piece you can work on the details, like ears and others stuff.

Step 2: The Hair

how to do a nice gnom without the hair? that is impossible. You have to put a lot, but only in estrategic places.

Step 3: Now Come the Clothes

Is it cold outside, it isn't?
So, we have to make some clothe for our friend, step by step we must choose the colors (or use the wool that we have, like I do hehehhe)
Do not forget anything, he is almost a person.

Step 4: I'm Ready!

Don't you think so?

goodbye and chau!

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