How to Do a "Man-maker"




Introduction: How to Do a "Man-maker"

This instruction will teach you how to perform the crossfit workout "man-maker"

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Step 1: Preperation

Items needed: -Athletic apparel (gym shorts, gym shirt, athletic shoes, etc.) 
                           -Two dumbbells of equal weight (make sure that you are comfortable with the weight selected, I would suggest                                           starting off light until you are comfortable with the motion)
                           -Open area (give yourself plenty of room to perform the workout)

In addition to the items required, take a brief moment to familiarize yourself with the multiple motions that make up a man-maker.

Refer to the pictures of the work out, which appear in order as they will in the man-maker:

One-armed dumbbell row
dumbbell overhead shoulder press

Step 2: Part 1

With the dumbbells shoulder width apart on the floor, grab them while getting in the high-plank position.  Slightly modify your stance by spreading your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.  This will help you maintain balance during the motions of the workout.

Step 3: Part 2

Complete a push-up motion.  When returning to the top of the push-up, complete one single-arm dumbbell row.  It does not matter which arm you complete the motion with, but make sure it is only ONE arm.

Step 4: Part 3

After performing the one-arm row, complete another push up.  

Step 5: Part 4

Once you have risen to the top of the push up position, perform another one-arm row (the opposite arm from which you last used)

Step 6: Part 5

Perform another push-up

Step 7: Part 6

After completing the last push up, in a jumping motion bring your feet towards the dumbbells so that you are now in a squat position.

Step 8: Part 7

Bring the dumbbells up so that you are holding them over your shoulders.

Step 9: Part 8

In a continuous movement, stand up, simultaneously doing an overhead dumbbell press, lifting the dumbbells straight up over your head.  

The motion you have just completed is known as a "thruster" because of the explosive motion using the momentum built from the squat to lift the weight overhead.

Step 10: Part 9

Return to the squat position, placing the dumbbells shoulder width again on the floor

Step 11: Part 10

The final step is to jump back into the modified plank/push-up position in which you had started.  You have now successfully completed one repetition of the man-maker workout.

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