How to Do a Simple Push-up Matrix.




I consider my self a jack of all trades. I love fitness and have been into it for about 13 years...
I have been a strength and condition coach for a long time and i decided to give back to my community by posting some exercise videos! I really love the idea of, so that why all of my videos will be featured here!
So with that being said, is everyone ready to train some chest? If so then this routine is for you! I call this a very simple push up matrix because it focuses on the basics. It’s extremely important to have a good foundation in any exercise by learning proper form. The following routine also has a close-grip variation that focuses a bit more on triceps! This will prevent injury and maximize results! The push up routine shown in the video below can be down anywhere anytime. This routine will also give your chest some dexterity training by doing the push ups on a unleveled platform, this will really shock your muscle into a growth phase! Try your best to master the forms first, this will allow you to graduate to my more advanced push up matrix which will be posted very soon! You can follow my humble little fitness site at

P.s I just finished my own chest workout so if i sound a little out of breath. sorry ';]

When watching this video keep in mind the following key points!

1.This routine requires some sort of small raised platform. For example: a phone book, a thick hard cover book, An aerobic stepper ect. Be creative, but keep it safe. Do not use anything that will slide from underneath your hand. I prefer a yellow pages or a yoga block.
Elbows are tight to the body. Never flare them out. By flaring out your elbows, it will put too much stress on your rotator cuff. Keeping our elbows in pointed towards the hipbone give us a lot more power too. Try it and see for yourself.

2.Keep a strong core! Never allow your Abs and back to cave in towards the floor. Always raise your tail bone slightly. Keeping out tail bone raised makes our center very sturdy during the movements of a push up.

3.Do not let your chest touch the floor! Do not lock your arms out at the top of the push up. Doing these two things makes our chest muscle (Pecs) rest, resulting in less effectiveness of the exercise. Also locking your arms at the top of the push up involves too much Triceps. We only lock our arms out during the close grip movement of this push up routine, helping us get a bit more squeeze.

4.In between sets we will be performing a isometric. Keep your palms together as if you were praying or crushing something. Hold this position squeezing hard as you can for 10 seconds. This recruits a lot of muscle fibers, maximizing the work out results.

5.If you have a hard time doing a normal push up, this whole routine can be done from a modified position. Refer to these 2 photos links for correct modified push up positions. Modified 1    Modified 2

6.And last but not least, try to take all you reps as far as you can. Try working through the muscle burn. When you achieve muscle failure, insert you knee forward for support and return to a kneeling position. This takes pressure off your lower back.


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    58 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great video. I started walking and doing some sit ups and push ups last week after a long period of inactivity. After gaining some weight, I thought it was time I start again with some work out and got me a gymnastics mat for the living room. I'll certainly try your tips tonight but will go with the easier version of the push ups. I guess I currently have some sort of joint issue (which is also why I started walking instead of jogging) but hope this will sort itself out soon.

    2 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I already tried the push up matrix. I didn't do too many reps, but the tips about keeping the elbows close and using a book for one side while exercising certainly did make a difference.
    Today I'll try your tutorial for the abs, too.
    This really is a great help to get in shape :-)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for putting this one here! its really helped me, I used to be only able to do about 30 3seconed push ups but with this and some ab work outs ive bumped it up to 101 pushups! great work! thanks again

    Hey Guys & Girls If you live in NYC I will be holding a Fitness class this June 25th.. go here for more details if you would like to attend!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! your shirt its too funny, i'd say it fits your spirit more than your body

    Mr Rancher

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructional.
    I was a meat head until about 15yrs ago. Broke my right ankle and hyper extended my left knee. Once that was healed up, I got back in the gym. ONE MONTH later I break my left ankle and actually tore my left knee that time. Had surgery and all that jazz. But after about a year of being out of the gym, I never went back. I've still watched what I ate, stuck to decent foods and eat my greens, but at 42 now I have to admit the midsection has grown a bit.
    I'm currently nursing my right shoulder as I think I might have tore something in it. I can do bench, but not military press. It happened 9 months ago, but there is still pain when I move my shoulder certain ways.
    I think it's time I finally went to a doctor, huh?
    Anyway, again, GREAT instructional. The variance of where you place your hands is great and for those out there not familiar with it, it does work!

    2 replies

    Hey man, sorry to hear about your injuries. Your diet sounds good. Hopefully you heal pretty soon so you can start back, of course slowly.. but yea don't give up!

    Oh I won't.
    I want to point out your supportive and positive attitude was noticed in your video as well as your comments.
    Keep it up! Too many haters out there as it is.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable man, I was just wondering what effect does using the pad like that do?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Push-ups strengthen the muscles you use when you fall! Strong upper muscles protect your head from dangerous impact in a fall. Suggest push-ups to any aging person, it could save their life!


    Great instruction. The most helpful thing is detailed instruction on form. I will definitely be checking out your other instructables, and web site.


    You've earned yourself a follower. I have been wanting to start working out again, but I'm not going to lie it's hard to motivate myself into starting. Any tips on how you keep yourself working out routinely?

    4 replies

    lol you are probably going to laugh but try post it notes and stick them in random places. Sometimes motivation can be as simple as a reminder. Place notes on your mirror, your computer screen, the fridge, saying things like:
    " Get to the gym!".."Do Em's push up matrix now!", "Drink water", " Eat healthy"...
    It works great for me!
    Even set alarm reminders on your phone!

    One of the best motivation factors is results... once you start to see you body changing, you'll never lose motivation!

    So go for it!!!!

    Great idea!!! I always think about exercising at times that I am busy, but forget to actually do it when I free up. It's so simple. Thank you!

    Thank you so much it does sound silly, but it's definetly worth a shot. Also a lot of my friends started getting into shape a couple months back and all of them say that cardio isn't as important as push-ups, weight training, ext., but I have no clue if I should believe them I would rather trust a professional such as yourself.

    Nothing wrong with cardio as long as you know when to do it. Try to keep it away from your weight training.. I try to do cardio 2 times a week for 35 min. Remember the more lean muscle mass you have the more fat you will burn. Cardio is great for improving circulation. The better circulation you have the more Efficient nutrients are delivered to places you need , such as muscle tissue!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great video man! I have checked out your website too and it would be awesome to see a video for that abs exercise you have on there. I am keen to get great abs but there is a small layer of fat covering them :( could you please address this too, as I'm sure many people have the same issue.
    Cheers mate

    1 reply

    Funny that you mentioned this! The Abs Video will be up in a day or two!
    I also will be releasing a great total body routine that uses a ordinary towel! killer!

    i appreciate the support!