How to Do a Simple and Distinguished Hairstyle

Ceremonies and special occasions are often stressful and questioning moments. The main problem is the hairstyle : What sort of hairstyle? Should I go to the hairdresser ?. In fact, we don't want be invisible, but we don't want to be dressed up as a clown. Moreover, we can't often spend a lot of money for these events. I have a solution for you : a simple, distinguished and inexpensive hairstyle.

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Step 1: Step 1 : Prepare Your Hair.

You have to prepare your hair.
To do a hairstyle, the best method is to wash your hair the day before. It's then easier to handle it.
Now, you can start ! There are three steps :
First, you brush quickly your hair.
Secondly, you comb your hair, to untangle it.
After, you brush your hair again, but this time, you put hairspray on the hairbrush in order not to have static electricity in your hair.

Now, you are ready for the second step.

Step 2: The Hairstyle - the Plait

You have to tie the hair of the high part of your head back as a chignon ( do that with an elastic ). Take care of this chignon, it has to be high, to have a distinguished hairstyle.
Then you take a little lock on the left side of your head, near the temple. make a braid with it and arrange it like a headband. In order to maintain it, put two or three hair grips in your plait which should be hidden.
After, you can do the next step.

Step 3: The Hairstyle - the Chignon

Don't forget that you still have some untied hair left on your neck. You can wrap the hair around the basic of the chignon : it's modern and nice, and it's a good trick to hide the elastic.
To finish, you have to remember to pin correctly and to put hairspray on your chignon to be sure that your hairstyle doesn't fall.

Step 4:

That's all !
Now you have a distinguished hairstyle, you can go out and show it to everybody.  Your friends will know what to do to have quickly a beautiful hairstyle, unless if you want to keep this secret for yourself !

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