How to Do an Unique Multi-wrap Dress





Introduction: How to Do an Unique Multi-wrap Dress

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A practical dress to wear for many occasions! You can wrap, drape and tie your way!



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    OH MY GOD..!!!!YOU'RE SOOOOO TALENTED....!!!!!I love your work!!!Thanks to you we can save a loooot of money!!!!keep going!!!!

    I love this!!! If there was mood fabric, this would be the ultimate dress. I would make mine in all-usable,all- wearable RED!! This would look very cool in a patterned fabric. Could this be worn as a skirt? I would LOVE to see that! Love your work, Giannyl!
    Maui the Gerbil!


    Wonderful, I love it! You make everything look so easy! :)

    You are the very professional dress maker, love you and your dress

    Next week the swim and dancewear fabric will be on sale at Joann in the Texas area... also they tend to have 40 and 50 percent coupons, so when it's not on sale, that coupon is taken off of one cut of fabric, which can make it pretty economical...

    I love this! I've seen this dress in magazines, and I just couldn't bring myself to buy it for $30 when it must be rather simple. But please include more specific instructions. What's the yardage, and type of fabric? Also, a strip could be added to the bag to hide the top of the elastic ruching, to make it look more polished. Thank you so much!

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    The thing is, this dress needs to be made with stretch knit fabric in order to lay right and wrap right. Stretch knit fabric at JoAnne Fabrics costs $9-$12/yard. You asked what yardage you will need... For the straps alone, you will want them to be about 1.5x your height. So if you are 5 feet tall, you will need 7.5 ft of fabric--2.5 yards. You could maybe use the remaining fabric for your skirt if the original fabric was wide enough, otherwise you will need to buy 1-2 more yards of fabric, depending on the size or style of your skirt. The good news is, for this style of dress, you don't have to use expensive stretch knit fabric for the skirt, just the straps, however the straps alone will still run you $22 if you don't have a more affordable place to obtain your fabric.
    This video helps in that it shows how to sew it together for once, and some clever shortcuts like not cutting the straps in 2 until you've sewn it on (which doesn't help if you wanted the straps to overlap slightly), and plenty of ways to wear it once made. But if you are looking for more details, words, and tips, see Kristina's blog post entitled: "The Convertible "Infinity" Dress: How it almost defeated me, and what you need to make one"

    I just bought 6 yards of a pretty blue knit at Handcock fabrics for $18. You just have to keep your eyes out. I am so miffed that Walmart quit carrying fabric thought they were like half the price of everyone else!!

    this is wonderful!! =D i'll make it!!
    thanks a lot for your great diy videos!