How to Do the Sybil Cut

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This is a simple XCM (Extreme Card Manipulation) cut. This will require 1 deck of cards, 2 hands, 1 brain and 10 fingers. If you don't have these, you can get them at your local hospital. (except the cards)

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Step 1: How to Hold

You hold the deck with your index finger on the top, thumb on 1 side, and the rest of your fingers on the other side as shown in picture.

Step 2: Split Deck

Now split the deck in half with your middle finger of left hand.

Step 3: Split Top Packet

Now you need to split the top packet of cards in half with you're index finger. Clip bottom packet under thumb.

Step 4: Twist

Twist the top packets to the side.

Step 5: Split Again

Split the second packet with you're right hand thumb and middle finger.

Step 6: Twist Again

Twist the new packet under the packet below it.

Step 7: Almost Done

Now put all the packets above the clipped on together and put the 2 packets together.

Step 8: Done

Now go show off to your friends.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    My sister says I lack a brain can I still try this trick