How to Do the Toothpick Trick





Introduction: How to Do the Toothpick Trick



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    Delpitos is apparently only using instructables to increase viewers of his Metacafe video. From the looks of it, Spamming ones video from this site can actually make you a lot of money! He/they have made some bucks with videos I wouldn't share with my dog.

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    I agree totally with you, Las Vegas.

    Okay - I realize this is Instructables, which apparently means nobody here is a visual learner, but I find it hard to believe that anybody fails to understand the concept of "Break a round toothpick in half, put the halves next to eachother at a slight angle with the broken ends near one another, put a drop of water at the break point, and watch...there's your step-by-step instructions. Go for it.

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    11 years ago

    Well I thought it was pretty self-explanatory. Do you guys really need step by step instructions?
    An explanation of what properties are at work would make it more legitimate though...

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    I guess that the purpose of the instructables website is indeed providing us with step-by-step instructions; so indeed, we really need them...

    This is not an instructable! This is a demonstration of a toothpick trick. No instructions! No step-by-step. Just a waste of everyone's time!

    Why aren't you satisfied with just posting your silly videos on Metacafe?


    11 years ago

    Uhh... How do I do the toothpick trick?

    This isn't as much of an instructable other than what would happen if you put a drop of water in the middle of a couple of toothpicks. You should list pictures on the placement of the toothpicks, and how different positions of the toothpicks affects on how the attract each other. Also, as an added bonus, you could tell why the toothpicks come together, (e.g. all matter attracts other matter).