How to Do Transfer Technique on Encaustic




Introduction: How to Do Transfer Technique on Encaustic

Have you ever wanted to learn how to transfer a photo or drawing onto something else?

With this encaustic painting transfer technique, you can learn how to do it!

My name is Mazarine Treyz and I've been learning and teaching encaustic since 2007.
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This clear set of steps will show you precisely how to transfer a photocopy to an encaustic painting.

These pictures and video were taken on October 10th, 2010.

Step 1: Get Your Ground Ready

First things first.
Get your encaustic medium ready. this means, your beeswax and damar crystals have to be completely dissolved in your fondue or crock pot, and you've added the white pigment. I'm assuming you know how to do this.

Put your paint down on a fairly thick piece of plywood or wood.

Once you've got a layer of white beeswax medium on your ground, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Put Your Photocopy Down

Put your encaustic down, and get your photocopy and put it face down on the piece.

It should be a high contrast photocopy. Mo Godbeer likes to use koi fish. I chose a mayan mask. Choose whatever resonates with you. 

Cut out the image you want to transfer, leaving the rest.

Step 3: Burnish the Photocopy Onto the Ground

When you burnish something, it means that you press it down very hard onto a flat surface, bonding the photocopy as much as possible with the encaustic wax surface. Since wax is so naturally sticky anyway, this should work like a charm.

Use some clay tools, use a bookbinding tool, just make sure it's as flat and pressed down as can be.

Step 4: Wet the Photocopy

Now that it's burnished, get a little water and put it on the photocopy with your fingers. You want to wet it very gently because if you wet it too much, you will take the toner off as well, when you just want to keep the toner on the wax, and take away the paper backing.

So wet it a little bit at a time, and then we're going to roll the paper off.

Step 5: Gently Rub the Paper Away

Rub the paper away with your fingers, until the only thing that is left is the toner.

Step 6: Put Wax Over the Image

Now put some plain wax medium over your transfer.

Step 7: You're DONE!

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Here's how your piece of transfered photocopy will look when you're done. I've added a crackle glaze to the edge, and I'll show you how to do that in the next instructable video.

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