How to Download Videos From Youtube and Watch Them Anywhere

Today I am going to show you how to download videos from Youtube and watch them on yours or anyone elses PC!
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Step 1: Downloads

First you have to download two things. Realplayer  ( ) and WinFXVideo Converter   ( ). The pages should look like those two pictures.

Step 2: Downloading

What you will see when you go to youtube is -above the video on the top right hand side of it will be an icon that says " Download this Video" click that and a little ad looking thing will pop up saying Realplayer Downloader. It will show your videos progress.

Step 3: Library

If you double-click on the Realplayer icon it will pop up. Click Library. This shows all of your videos.

Step 4: Convert

To watch this video on other programs you must first convert it. Drag video to your desktop. double click on WinFXVideo Converter. it should look like the attached picture. Click Add. Select file Desktop and find the name of your video. Click convert and it will load.

Step 5: Transfer

You can now put that and more videos on a flash drive, CD, send through E-Mail, or whatever you feel like doing with it.



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