How to Download Youtube Video to IPod Device




In short, we will show you how to downliad YouTube vudeo to iPod in this article.

There's no question that the popular video content Web site YouTube has caught our attention. Usually, YouTube visitors watch videos streaming over the Internet.  There are many different services that will help you copy and save your favorite clips. Often the only thing you'll need to do is download a specific piece of software and copy and paste the video's URL. However, this article, we will show you a new way to download video automatically. This tool also supports video to iPod.

Tool you need: Video Download Studio

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Step 1: Download Video From YouTube.

Just Open Video Download Studio, check "Automatical Catch". Goo to and view any video you want to download. The program can detect, catch and start downloading automatically.

Step 2: Convert Video to Mp4

You should be aware that iPod not support other formats except Mp4. YouTube video is FLV format which is not copatible with iPod.

Add the video you have downloaded to the software. Choose "Profiles" as iPod-Mp4. Click Convert!

Step 3: Import Video to IPod

Drag the file to itunes library and sync. Now, you enjoy a YouTube video on iPod!

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    More and more online & desktop video converter are doing much better than past days, they enable users to download YouTube videos directly and convert them into different video or audio formats, actually almost the formats your mobile device supports.

    I think one thing that desktop ones outperform online is the conversion quality. Also they got versatile output library for you to choose the right output format, so you can play downloaded YouTube videos on any of your devices. such as cisdem video converter and anyvideoconverter, so many.


    4 years ago on Introduction


    But I have used Total Video Downloader for Mac to download youtube videos to my Mac. The downloaded videos can not be convert to ipod sutomatically, so I used a FREE video converter to convert these videos


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I like function: download video automatically
    good boy video download studio!