How to Draw: Kangaskhan

Introduction: How to Draw: Kangaskhan

How to draw this Pokemon!!

Step 1: Sketch

Firstly, you want to sketch out all the basic shapes, the most universal one when drawing is: the circle.

Step 2: Begin Drawing

Now you kinda just want to start making definite shapes and begin drawing on top of the circle with more detail.

Step 3: Keep Going

Keep drawing in the details, one part at a time, keep in mind you will be erasing and redrawing constantly.

Step 4: Basic Shape

Pretty soon, you'll end up with pretty much the entire basic shape of the body.

Step 5: Add Detail

In this step, I added the pouch and began putting some focus in the face.

Step 6: Continue Adding Detail

Now, I added detail to the hands and feet, giving it more shape and adding the claws.

Step 7: Entire Outline Done

Here, I added the shoulder pads and the spikes on the back. Make continuous references to the real image so that proportions for the most part stay proportional.

Step 8: Continue Further Into Detail

Now, I added Roo! Didn't take very much time or detail, he's too small to really mess up.

Step 9: Finishing Up Details

This next step, I added the pocket like shapes on its legs.

Step 10: Erase Sketch Lines and Voila!

In this step, I erased all the initial sketch lines that I had made in order to make this pokemon proportional. Now its a clean version of it! If you want to stop here then you successfully drew a pokemon! Or you can put in a little extra effort and shade it a little. So you can keep going!

Step 11: Circle Designated Highlights and Shadows

All the lines and circular shapes are just the areas that are either highlighted or shadowed. It makes it easier for me to decide which parts need to be erased and darkened.

Step 12: Begin Shading According to Picture

Here, we start to shade! yes it looks kinda bad but that's why you take ten more minutes to finish and clean it up!

Step 13: Keep It Going

Now I'm getting closer to finishing up the basic shades!

Step 14: Basic Shading Done

Now everything is very basicly shaded and erased. 

Step 15: Darken and Lighten Areas Necessary

Here I went through and darkened the dark and lightened the light and so forth. It looks a little scratchy so go to the last step!

Step 16: Blend, Re-highlight, Re-outline and Done!

Just take a tissue and blend the picture! The areas that are the same shade you can use the same part of the tissue. The lighter areas, use a clean part of the tissue because if you use the same side you blended the dark side with, it'll darken the lighter part! So after blending with a tissue, take an eraser and quickly go through and re-highlight the really light areas that may have been re-shaded because of blending with the tissue. You may also want to take your pencil and re outline the image so it looks crisp and dark! Yayy we're done!

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    have you tried the game pokemon go?


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    i love pokemon!