How to Draw Taylor Swift

Introduction: How to Draw Taylor Swift

About: Hi am onedirection lovelouis I'm in love with 1Ds new album

Hi am also a Taylor swift fan so today I will be drawing Taylor swit

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Step 1:

This is going to be a relatively easy tutorial to follow. Remember, your beginning shapes and lines should be as big as you want your sketch to be. Let's begin shall we? Start with a circle for the shape of her head and then add the facial guidelines, and the shape of her cheek, and jawline.

Step 2:

Now you can start sketching out the beginning lining for her eyes, and incorporate the nose along with them as well.

Step 3:

Taylor Swift has squinty looking eyes, so you will not be drawing a wide eyed girl, only a bright eyed girl. Finish drawing Taylor Swift's eyes, and then color in the area for her pupils. Add some lashes, and then some light detailing or definition under her eyes as you see here. Next, sketch out the side of her nose by adding a nostril and nostril dent, and then sketch out the top portion of her mouth and or lip. Lastly, sketch the beginning of her long locks and in this particular sketch, her hair is falling on the right side of her face and cheek.

Step 4:

Before you go to town on sketching out her pretty wavy looking hairstyle, you will need to sketch her face shape including the chin and jawline. Once this is done you can add the bottom lip, and eyebrows. Now you can sketch her hair out using a wavy pattern drawing flow. Don't forget to add detailing hair strand lines to add texture and volume to her hair.

Step 5:

Now you can finish sketching out her hair, and then begin to carefully erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your portrait drawing of Taylor Swift. That's it.

Step 6:

Add some shading to her face, neck and hair, and then you're all done. You can choose to color in the drawing, or leave the portrait as a pencil sketch, that's totally up to you. Well, I know this has been a long awaited lesson for some of you Taylor Swift fans out there, so I hope you enjoy this lesson.

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3 years ago

oh tsfm i 've never drawn any portrait before but what i draw is just like Taylor ♥


4 years ago

I get this feeling that i have never never never done this thing before, i get this feeling


4 years ago

Hey! I saw your comments. I make new rainbow loom instructables every summer! This summer im gonna be making rainbow loom instructables that people requested and commented for! :) Thanks for the follow


5 years ago on Introduction

At first I thought you were going to instruct us on how to "attract" Taylor Swift. But sketching her seems more realistic ... for me.