How to Draw Yoshi!!!




First of all grab you papers and pencils and erasers. GET ready for the craziness of mario, and the best dinosaur ever, Yoshi!
Post it on Facebook, frame your artwork, who knows its your beautiful artwork!
so lets get started

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Step 1: Step One

draw circles for the body nose tail and arms and legs and draw lines to connect it all

Step 2: Now Start on the Outline

Get the silhouette of Yoshi in proportion and once you get that down you can erase the circles and lines on the inside!

Step 3: Add Details

I added the saddle and his white tummy and shoes and eyes and nostril. and once you think you got it down just put it in

Step 4: Now Darken the Lines!

make sure all your details are correct and darken it like you did the outline!

Step 5: Colouring Is Optional!

in this case you will need to add pencil crayons or paint or whoever you colour with to the mix! I just used felts, green yellow red, dark red, grey and white! now colour him in! for the dark red, i shaded with pencil then coloured his saddle. and his tummy too!
Aside from my horrible felt job its awesome, maybe even outline it with a dark felt! awesome challenge

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Jayden Li

3 years ago

Awsome Yoshi!!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

well its important for people to learn skills like drawing and so forth, because its not encouraged in schools and the only way that most people learn these valuable skills is by drawing something they like, and now i have found a great way to show people


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

cool I got a picture of my drawing of yoshi but then my camra died just as I was going to upload it! I draw in school all the time!