How to Draw a 4-dimension Cube





Introduction: How to Draw a 4-dimension Cube

We can draw it, but we can't imagine it. This method can be used to draw any-demsion cube.



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    Also I thought you and I are were making the same attempt at visualizing the 4th SPACIAL dimension. Until I saw the points you would draw. I was trying to draw each "point" or "shape" from zero to fourth dimension, and could never quite get there. What you have thought of here is rather ingenious though.

    For all of you:
    1st off, have a little imagination.
    2nd you need to realize this is an attempt to visualize a 4 dimensional hypercube through 2 dimensional representation.
    3rd TIME as the 4th dimension is the 4th TEMPORAL dimension. You can not be in time. It is a concept spoken in detail by many relativity theorists. This is the 4th spacial dimension, a place where you can theoretically step foot.
    5th I am not sure about this, but I believe that a 4th spacial dimension (not time) is simply the connection to all 3dimensional objects. Seeing as time could be represented as a mere idea if you picture it as the 3rd dimension passing through the fourth. To picture this, imagine a long strand, from the time the particles that made you, were made, to the end of those particles lives. Or to make with details you can imagine, from birth to death, imagine every action that takes place, every passing moment is part of a large strand of you that is passing through the third dimension, as this happens, you age. Hope I could help. If you need to understand my sources because I'm only 16. I take a physics class. I read a ton of physics books. I love to play with my equations, and I like to think in new ways. Sooooooo......there ya go.

    now dont people berate me or anything, just my view on things, but i believe that if there were a 4+dimensional object in our(as far as we know) 3-dimensional world, i think it would cause some sort of destabilization. if we were truly in a three dimensional space, how would there even be possibility for a four dimensional object, it would have to manipulate the very existence around it. just my thinking anyway.

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    4D object you can't see like the 4D object, you see it like 3D object, wich in one time is here, in other isnt, and probably the scientist would detect only the part's of that object, it's particles as "disapearing" ones.

    The only problem with this, as far as i can understand you, is that you believe that "time" is the fourth dimension. I can understand this, but i only acknowledge the existence of time as a concept, nothing more.

    In same way you can say that, everything what you see is two-dimensional. Just make a photo of place/object, where you now are looking at. Photo looks identical, but it's obviously two-dimensional.

    i dont see how the addition of time would change the appearence of a shape. assuming its ... not real like its not subject to any kind of decay or interaction. time as a dimension is well actually i just read the time machine in school and it mentions time as a dimension and it doesnt effect any of the other 3 dimensions. when he travels through time the machine remains in the same spot... unaltered i think =] i didnt read the end to much. regardless the shape seems wierd to me. idky you would have to express time as a 2d figure anyways.

    Ok, it seams that there are no physicists or mathematicians among people who posted comments here. This is 2 dimensional representation of a 3D object moving with time, thus 4D object. @Fiola - Time is a dim. You are also not changing the shape of the cube, so using your logic, length is also not a dimension. There are 26 dimensions. If someone wants to imagine fifth dimension in 3D, its easy. Imagine a torus and that we are living in it, thus space-time is curved this way. Fifth dimension could be the passage that goes beyond space-time, looking by euclidian geometry, the shortest way from one point to another.

    4-D is really similar to ghosts (one second they are there and the next they are gone!)Think about what a
    2-D person would see if a 3-D person stuck a cube through his world... now think what a 3-D person would see if a 4-D person stuck cube through his world. Confusing ain't it?

    This site might clear up some questions:

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    Sure we can imagine it. It's simply a drawing of a three dimensional object within a fourth dimension: time. The fourth dimension simply shows a three dimensional object over time.

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    As far as I understand about this 4-D stuff time is not a dimension itself. If you lay down a cube on your night table and leave it there for 100 years the representation will be exactly the same through time. 4-D is about the object through time and space. Good video... would be better with a ruler though :(