How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Puppy




You will need a pen and paper or a pencil maybe some colouring crayons and pencils.

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Step 1: Outline of Head

First of all draw the head. Start with the left ear going to the right ear. Then closing up the bottom of the head.

Step 2: Left Side

Now start drawing the left side of the body drawing a tail behind him/her.

Step 3: Finishing Off the Outline

Draw the right side of the body now the outline is finished

Step 4: Face

Add in the eyes also the nose attaching to the mouth if u want u can add whiskers.

Step 5: Finishing

Ok draw 3 circles I'm the eyes and shade in around it now your pretty much done you can add more bye colouring it in giving him/her a collar etc. What will u call him/her

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    4 years ago


    Daww what a cutie, I loved how you broke down each step of the drawing process! Welcome to instructables!