How to Draw a Male Manga Eye



Introduction: How to Draw a Male Manga Eye

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Step 1: Frame.

You should always start with what I call the "main frame". It's the very basic part of the eye that's going to help pull it all together. It is showed above in the pic.

Step 2: Pupil and Iris.

Next you should draw in the "eye" or pupil and iris. Usually with the male eye I add ONE highlight.

Step 3: Next, Details.

Now, add little lines in four places coming away from the pupil in the middle, it is shown in the pic above, next, use cross hatching to gently shade the top half of the eye., make sure the highlight is outlined darkly.

Step 4: Finishing Touches.

Next, to make it look more manly, I always drAw in an disorderly eyebrow, and a few lines just above the very left end of the eye. For reference look at the pic

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