How to Draw a 5-point Star.



Introduction: How to Draw a 5-point Star.

Have you ever wanted to draw a star that was so perfectly symmetrical it seemed as though the gods themselves created it? Well, here you will learn how to draw a star using basic tools found around the house.

     Something to draw on. (paper, wall, or notebook)

     Something to draw with. (pencil, pen, or marker)

(Optional - Use an engineering compass to find the exact angles.)

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Step 1: Select a Starting Point.

Draw a dot in the bottom left corner of where you would like your star to be by pushing down with your drawing utensil.

Step 2: Draw the First Line.

Draw a line 22.5 degrees North East of the starting point. The line should be proportional to the size of the star desired.

Step 3: Draw the Second Line.

Draw a line South East of the end of the first line that creates a 22.5 degree angle. The second line should be a mirror image of the first.

Step 4: Draw the Third Line.

Draw a line that creates a 22.5 degree angle North West of the end of the second line.

Step 5: Draw a Fourth Line.

Draw a line starting at the end of the third line East that creates a 22.5 degree angle from the third line.

Step 6: Draw the Fifth Line.

Draw a straight line from the end of the fourth line back to the starting point. This final line will complete your star.

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