How to Draw a Persons Face





Introduction: How to Draw a Persons Face

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I am going to show you how to draw a persons face on a peice of paper.

Step 1: The First Step

First draw a cicle on your piece of paper.

Step 2: Draw the Eyes

Next you need to draw the eyes and the eye lashes.

Step 3: The Hair and Ears

Next you need to draw the hair and the ears on your person.

Step 4: The Nose and Mouth

For the next step you need to draw the nose and the mouth on your person.

Step 5: The Details

Last you need to get all the details in. Draw nose hairs, braces, two rotten teeth, a mole, a evil eye brow, earings, a moustage, and a beard on your person. Now you are done!



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    You should make a career out of this. Some of my friends have no artistic ability but sometimes they make masterpieces that would look great in a children's book. I encourage you to make this your career and have fun with it too. My friend made this gif with her computer and it turned out great


    This is the worst drawing I have ever seen in the history of art -_-

    This is the worst drawing I have ever seen in the history of art -_-

    This is the worst drawing I have ever seen in the history of art -_-

    it's ok some people just don't have artistic ability, but if you work hard you will get there :D

    WONDERFUL I LOVE IT!  KEEP up the good work.  The more you practice the better you get!

    For everyone who keeps saying that this is bad, they should really be quiet. Not everyone can draw great, and if you look closely, this picture is very detailed.

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    Nice, cartoonish doodling you have here. But the nose looks a little off-center.

    I remember a long time ago I would make characters of my class mates. I would make them as ugly as possible and it was the funniest thing ever!