How to Draw a Pie on DeviantART Muro




First, open up a blank canvas in deviantART muro.

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Step 1:

Next, set the size of your pen to 7%, and your opacity to 100%.

Step 2: Drawing Your Pie

Now we can get drawing! Draw two lines, slightly titled. Like the image you see above.

Step 3: The Pie Tin

Now, add two lines on the side, connecting the two lines, and then label your pie whatever kind of pie you are making. Try to make the words straight as possible, and color the word according to pie (Ex. Pumpkin pie = Orange, Apple pie = red, grape pie = purple, etc.).
You now have your pie tin!

Step 4: The Crust

Now, select a tan color. This will be your pie crust. Next, draw some bumps along the top of the pie tin. After that, draw a slope connecting the two sides of the lumps. Color your pie in.

Step 5: Finishing Your Pie

You now have a pie! You can now draw some things around the pie, like a picnic table. If you make a pie following my instructions, tell me what your pie flavor was in the comments. 

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    You ought to use a finished image for your introduction - a plain canvas looks like a broken thumbnail.