How to Draw a Pixel Pumpkin (with .psd)

Introduction: How to Draw a Pixel Pumpkin (with .psd)

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I will try to give you the best measurements pixel by pixel that I can.

I will include my .psd because this was done in Photoshop Cs6.

NOTHING says Halloween then a Jack o' lantern with a screaming face.

Step 1: Setting Up the Page.

  • Open a new image 200 x 200
  • Select the pencil tool with the following settings.
  • Size=1
  • Hardness, Opacity and Density = 100
  • now go to "Edit" and go to "preference" and the click on "Guides, Grid, & slices"
  • A pop out should appear reference the settings in picture 3 
  • then zoom in till you can see the pixels clearly but have enough to work.

Step 2: The Outline and Inside

B95E22 <----- color code for the color I used

P.s i set up guides down the center so that i could do half the pumpkin the flip it to make it go by faster.
  • If u do it by half it starts with one pixel instead of 2 as the picture but this is perfectly equal pumpkin So look at picture 3 for the pixel by pixel placement.
  • the color code for the fill is B95E22
  • use the fill bucket tool to fill the inside.

Step 3: The Stem

  • create a new layer
  • Start with the outline using 5c341a color code
  • Follow picture 1 for pixel by pixel measurements.
  • then close off the bottom with 884f29 color code then fill it in with the same color

Step 4: The Re-Size

Okay a bit of trickiness is about to occur.

  • on both the stem and pumpkin layer you will need to make Duplicate layers then merge the to duplicate layers together 
  • then while holding CTRL key click the pumpkin layer with the stem layer that you just merged, it should select the whole thing,
  • next while holding CTRL hit T that should bring a box around you pumpkin then go to where the menu area is you should see to boxes one with a "W:" and the other next to it " H:" with both having 100% in them change both to 400% and bam re-sized. 

Step 5: The Face

:D your almost done 

okay use color code B95E22
 and use the pixel by pixel from picture 1

if you did it by half then you can flip
  • Now make a duplicate layer of the mouth shape 
  • then while holding CTRL click the image on the layer panel at the bottom right then with the fill bucket full it with color code 7e4825
  • then hit CTRL T and move the shape over 4 pixels to the then hold CTRL and click the layer under it the original mouth shape
  • then click back on top the darker mouth shape then right click the selection and click "inverse selection"
  • then click on the eraser tool and erase
  • Now to make the eyes make a duplicate of both shapes for the mouth
  • then merge them together.
  • Now CTRL click that new layer the hold CTRL T
  • now go to the top and re-size it but inputting 50% to both w and h then hold CTRL J
  • then hit v and move the other eye over and bam complete. 

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