How to Draw a Sprocket in Autodesk Inventor 7

Introduction: How to Draw a Sprocket in Autodesk Inventor 7

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I'm gonna show you how to draw a 15 teeth sproket in 3d using autodesk inventor 7. I don’t have this program so i have to use it in my college.
I want to thank my friend Podri for helping me with the translation

Bueno, voy a enseñarles a dibujar una corona de 15 dientes en 3d usando Autodesk Inventor 7. No tengo este programa, ais que lo utilizo en mi facultad.
Gracias a mi amigo Podri por ayudarme con la traduccion. 

Step 1: Starting

Open the program, select “standard ipt”. Then select “project geometry” and project the X,Y,Z axes

Abra el programa, seleccione "standard ipt". Luego seleccione "project geometry" y proyecte los ejes X,Y,Z.

Step 2: Calculate

to draw a sprocket you have to know how to calculate its primitive diameter, we must also know the chain pitch and diameter of rollers

Para dibujar una corona debe conocer como calcular su diametro primitivo, y tambien conocer el paso de la cadena y diametro de sus rodillos.

Step 3: Calculate 2

To find the pitch diameter of the sprocket, we use the function of the image:
where p is the pitch in milimeters
z is the number of teeth
and d is the diameter measured in millimeters
in my case I use 15 teeth so d is 61,083mm
i take the roller as 8mm

Para hallar el diametro primitivo de la corona, usamos la funcion mostrada en la imagen:
Donde p es el paso en milimetros
z es el numero de dientes
y d es el diametro medido en milimetros
En mi caso use 15 dientes dando d=61,085mm
y tome el rodillo como 8mm

Step 4: Step 1

draw a circle of diameter d + r (the primitive diameter plus the roller diameter)

Dibuje un circulo de diametro d + r (diametro primitivo mas diametro del rodillo)

Step 5: Step 2

extrude the circle about 3 mm and then create a new sketch on the resulting disc

Extrude el circulo unos 3mm y luego cree un nuevo sketch sobre el mismo.

Step 6: Step 3

draw a circle of 61.083 mm (as calculated before)
then draw another smaller circle on top of the circle of 8mm, and draw a line to 12º, or half of a tooth, because each tooth is 24 º (360º/15=24).This line will be used to draw the tooth profile

Dibuje un circulo de 61.083mm (como calculamos antes)
Luego dibuje un circulo mas pequeño en la parte superior, y dibuje una linea a 12º, debido a que cada diente esta espaciado 24º. (360/15=24). Esta linea sera utilizada para dibujar el perfil del diente.

Step 7: Step 4

trim the circule and keep the lower seccion. then draw an arc between the circule and the line. it's radius should be of 5 mm

Corte el circulo quedandose con la parte inferior, y dibuje un arco entre la linea y el circulo externo. Su radio debe ser de 5mm.

Step 8: Step 5

now make a "mirror" of that half tooth,

Ahora dibuje la simetria de ese medio diente.

Step 9: Step 6

use the tooth profile to make an extrusion.
Use ese perfil para hacer una extrusion.

Step 10: Step 7

now use that extrusion to make a circular pattern, the circular pattern should be of the number of teeth

Ahora use esa extrusion para hacer un patron circular, que debe ser igual al numero de dientes.

Step 11: Step 8 and Finish

now you got the basic design, add some mounting holes and a little color. 
if you have questions leave a comment and I will answer as soon as I can.

Ahora ya tenes el diseño basico, agrega perforaciones de montaje y un poco de color y listo.
Si tenes preguntas, deja un comentario, respondere tan pronto como pueda.

-Menga (notingkool)

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    6 Discussions

    Where did you get the 5 deg for step 7/4? I'm designing a 150 tooth sprocket for a #35 roller chain.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    hi, the 5mm radious was copied from an actual sprocket. Depending of the aplication you may avoided. and only make half profile. I have to update this instructable and explain better that part.
    You need it for a #35 chain? it's 9.525mm pitch, 5.08 roller?


    8 years ago on Step 11

    Thanks, I'm going to use this in my CAD/Engineering class I teach, good practical project, where kids apply a little math.


    8 years ago on Step 3

    What's SEN( ) in that math formula?


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    you also can find it like "Sin (º)"