How to Draw Any Fruit/vegetable Into a Jack-o-lantern

Introduction: How to Draw Any Fruit/vegetable Into a Jack-o-lantern

So you want to draw a Jack-o-lantern? And you want draw some that isn't a pumpkin? Well this is the place for you!

** This tutorial was made in Sketchbook Pro 6 with a Windows machine, but it will work on ANY version of Sketchbook and on ANY available platform.

Let's begin with a blank canvas.

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Step 1: Draw the General Shape of the Fruit/vegetable

Don't be afraid to get creative here. It can be a orange, apple, passion fruit, carrot, or even a totally made up fruit/vegetable!

Step 2: Redefine the Lines

Now that you chosen your fruit/vegetable (I chose a apple), It's time to redefine the lines. What you want to do is make the shape of the object more appealing and less sloppy. I find that going over the lines lightly a few times help.

Step 3: Time to Draw the Face!

Now, we need to draw a face on our jack-o-lantern because without a face, it's just a fruit/vegetable :P.

For the face, you can make the face sad, angry, or happy. I'm going with the traditional looking face.

Step 4: Darken the Outline

This step is somewhat important. To make it look cartoony, I suggest doing this step. 

Now what I did was go over the outline a few times, but you can use more pressure and draw over the lines instead. whatever floats your boat.

Step 5: Time to Color!

Now it's time to color in our drawing. before we do though, we need to make a new layer, and place it on the very bottom.

Now let's draw! :D I used the paint brush tool to do a outline, then used the paint bucket to fill it in. However, you may color it however way you want.

Step 6: Add Some Shading

Now we need to lock the transparency. What this does is allow you to only color in parts that already have color. (Does that make sence?)

What I did was used the airbrush and first added black to the lower-right side of the apple. Then I added white to the top-left. Since this is a apple I was apple to shade it smoothly, but if you picked a fruit/vegetable with more complex shape, you may want to take time on this step.

Step 7: Optional Step - Adding Light Inside

This step is optional because you might not want it to be lit for whatever reason. For people who do, continue on.

Now we need to add a new layer and place it under the layer with the colors.

You then want to do is use the airbrush tool to fill up the holes. a quick spray should be enough.

Step 8: Add a Glow Effect.

(Sorry about that transparent pop up in the way)

We add another layer. this one goes on top of the color layer.

still using the air brush, go over the eyes and mouth of the jack-o-lantern. make sure you don't over do it. unless you want to over do it, in that case, over do it.

Step 9: Last Step! Adding Shadow to the Background

This last step is really easy. Make a new layer and place it all the way to the bottom.

What i did was outline the apple, added a shadow to the bottom, and made a foggy effect. 

to do this, just get the air brush and basically go crazy. You can make it simple and just add a drop shadow, or do something like I did. 


Thank you everyone who saw this tutorial. It's my first one out of many here at instructables :) Happy Halloween! 

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