How to Draw Basic Cartoon Peoples: Step 2" Using the Keyhole Ken to Create Other Charecters



Introduction: How to Draw Basic Cartoon Peoples: Step 2" Using the Keyhole Ken to Create Other Charecters

Yo. Its kid again. Now , the point of step 2 is to utilize the keyhole ken method to make other characters.For the next few steps, as an example, I will show you how to draw a GIRL (omg! gasp!). This is to show how to create almost any characters using the keyhole method.

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Step 1: Start With the Good Ol' Fashoned Keyhole.

make the keyhole shape as explained in my first instructable (to see it if you haven't already, type in "keyhole" and look at the first part of the series)

Step 2: Draw The...uhhh...female Outline

create the torso of a female figure inside the current female shape(look at the picture)

Step 3: Erase the Keyhole Part Ouside the Torso

Erase away!

Step 4: Make the Nose... This Time It's Not So Big

create a small nose for our lady. make a backwards lowercase "c" for the nose

Step 5: Makin' Some Eyes

add two dots for the eyes.

Step 6: Make an Ear

make another lowercase "c" but make this one the right way for her ear

Step 7: Give Her Some Hair

I made her hair wavy, because it is easy. just make some wavy lines for hair.

Step 8: Step One of the Arm. the Sleeve

make a small, backwards "L" to make a sleeve to her shirt

Step 9: Step 2 for the Arm... The, Um, Arm

make a thin arm with a few "u"'s at the end for fingers.

Step 10: Give Her Some Legs

Draw some legs of similar width of the arm for the legs

Step 11: Some High Heels for Shoes... and Keyhole...ummm..Kerry.... Is Done!

The newly christened "Keyhole Kerry" is done once you add some shoes (high heels) by having angles, ended with rectangles. Once again, sorry that the pictures are blurry.

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