How to Draw Flowers




Drawing flowers can be as easy as drawing a smiley face or as hard as painting a portrait, in this instructable i will be teaching you about drawing flowers at a little higher than smiley face level. I learned how to draw flowers by looking at them and just converting them into cartoon level so i could easily draw them. For really realistic drawings it does take a bit of perspective and skill.

Step 1: The Normal Flower (daisy)

This is the normal flower that I usually slap down in doodles or use in drawings when i am not bothering to draw anything else.(read image notes for instruction)

Step 2: Roses

roses are tricky, but you just need to practice. It is hard to get them to look real. My main problem is getting the petals and shape right. The petals are wider than you would think and they wrap around the plant in a special way that I get sometimes, but not all the time. And a trick: when drawn, the rose always looks better when it is small.

Step 3: Lilies

Lilies have five petals forming a little cup in the middle which has little lines coming out. They are easy to draw but are not my favorite.

Step 4: Tulips

easiest of them all: the tulip. These are a classic in all drawn gardens and cannot be forgotten

Step 5: Dandelion

dandelions are simple to draw and always help in drawings

Step 6: Foxglove

the key to the foxglove is that the cone shaped buds get smaller as they go up the stem. I dont really know what type of leaves they have but all i know is that the flower doesn't have and leaves on it.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Dainiau, these are very nice drawings, I want to see more.. Good job, you have a strong hand

    the doer

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Good! These are very clear instructions. It really is "easy as cake".