How to Draw Horses




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here is a easy way to draw horses!

you will need:

1. paper

2. pencil

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Step 1: The Face

to start out, draw the muzzle, this is the shape of an octagon.

then draw lines from the four points.

draw a square from the 2 middle lines, then draw a diagonal line from the outside line to the top of the square.

make the ears like diamonds

Step 2: The Body

make a neck
the body is like the same shape as the muzzle.

Step 3: The Legs

make the fore legs on the part of the octagon that is diagonal. add another long octagon for the knee. then draw long tubes from the bottom of your octagon.

if you draw it so you can see the hooves, make a round part for the ankle, then a little tube then the hoof.

Step 4: Eyes and Nose

1. draw oval shapes for the eyes, then tear drops for the nose.
when you draw the main and tail, use quick strokes.

2. color in the eyes. then draw bag like thing over and under the eyes. color in the ears.

Step 5: Shading

1. shade the front part of it. then rub it with your finger, notice where i rubbed it in the pic.

2. now the face and the behind parts, (color over the bags on the eyes).

3. rub it till it looks nice and smooth. more like a coat.

Step 6: Coloring With Light

coloring with light is just coloring with your eraser. try to make the mussels. this makes it look more 3D. and more real.
also, decide where your your light is coming from, light helps a lot.

Step 7: Done!

draw some back-round if needed.

note: i drew all the pics in this instructable.

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4 years ago

Looks amazing can't wait to try it myself

I have forever struggled with drawing horsea! thanks so much, this made it so easy!! i will try soon!


5 years ago

I ride, and can truthfully say this (first horse) is the most realistic drawing (of a horse) I have seen yet. Nice ;) I have a drawing talent, to. Power is in the holder of the pencil! You need to try charcoal if u havent

pie popperGoHorsie

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

thanks for the comment, and the subscribe! I recently re-did this instruct able, but haven't updated any pictures yet. Hopefully I can do that soon for you guys!!
I like the newer drawing much better.. ahem. haha


6 years ago on Introduction

Also, I find if you draw the ears first and shape them like teardrops it turns out good.


6 years ago on Introduction

This is amazing! Horses are the only things that my friend draws, and she is pretty good.

YAY! i am drawing it right now i am sooooooooo excited! one thing is it probably wont look as good as at all :[


8 years ago on Introduction

Nice work!!! If you don't mind, I added this ible' to my group People Who Make Marks On Paper, otherwise known has PWMMOP.


10 years ago on Introduction

The first horse is excellent. Do you see the problem with the one you drew in the instructable? It's the eyes. You have to on the front of the face and a horses eyes are to the side. Other that that you have a good drawing. Your other drawings all have very good proportions and that's very hard to get right with a horse. Some artist won't even try horses. GET YOURSELF INTO AN ART CLASS! I don't care if you are too busy, too young, too old, can't afford it, don't know where one is. Just find any art class you can find doing any kind of drawing, painting or sculpting. You have a natural ability for drawing and you should develop it. You don't have to be an artist if you don't want to but you should find out what you can do. And since you don't know what charcoal is the whole world of artistic mediums are open for you to learn. You're going to love charcoal. I have a little natural artistic talent and took a lot of art classes and learned to be a pretty good artist but I can't come anywhere near you first drawing and I make my living drawing things. Good luck.

1 reply
pie popperRe-design

Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

thats what was wrong with the horse! i thought it looked kinda funny but i didn't get what was wrong with it. Thanks! I would love to be in an art class, but my mom says our schedule is to busy, (i'm like, "it is?"), so maybe i'll get my older siss to teach me. ;)