How to Draw Kenny



this is my class instructable showing you step by step on how to draw kenny from the hit tv show South Park

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Step 1: Step 1

you need to draw the circle of his head to start, very simple and quick

Step 2: Step 2

next you need to draw a smaller circle inside the circle you have already drawn, once again very simple

Step 3: Step 3

draw 2 quarter shaped moons inside the smaller circle, it is part of the inside of his hood.

Step 4: Step 4

draw the 3/4 circle eyes with small pupils in the middle

Step 5: Step 5

next you are gonna draw his jacket which is very easy as you can see

Step 6: Step 6

take 5 seconds and draw his rectangular legs and feet, literally 5 seconds

Step 7: Final Step

color him in and you are done, main colors are orange, brown and very light pink, and thats how you draw kenny

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