How to Draw Landscape Using Adobe Illustrator

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Have you ever seen beautiful landscapes, have you ever wanted to draw them on your computer? well, then this instructable is for you! This instructable, will show you, how to draw a beautiful landscape.

You will need:

• A computer (obviously)

• Adobe Illustrator

• and some imagination :)

(I painted Mount Fujiyama on this picture, if you are wondering)

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Step 1: Getting Started

Open Adobe Illustrator, Click File>New, then it will ask you size of the image, you can choose any size you want. When you open Adobe Illustrator select Pen Tool in Tools Menu.

Step 2: Start Drawing!

Start clicking on the screen randomly and give it a shape of a landscape/mountain. You can draw anything that comes to your mind, like car, house and etc. You can also download beautiful landscapes from Google, and try drawing it, in Illustrator.

Step 3: More Drawing!

When you are done drawing your first landscape, add color and more mountains! Make mountains that are closer - darker.

Step 4: Adding More Details

You can also add clouds, lightning on mountains or trees - by drawing it by your own or just downloading brushes. Use your imagination to add other cool stuff in your drawing.

Link to tree brushes:

Step 5: My Final Result

This is final result.

Thanks for Reading! :) Don't forget to vote.

I'd love to see your result, so feel free to post it in comments.

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