How to Draw Zombie Mice...




How to draw zombie mice and then color them in. 

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Step 1: Things You Will Need.

you will need....

sharpies or micron markers
colored pensils
your imagination

Step 2: Pensil Drawing

start by doing a sketch. The pictures below is how I started.

Step 3: Ink It

Now get your sharpie or micron marker and start inking.

Pointers:  Grab the marker close to the tip.  Make long lines and try not to stop between points. Remember you're tracing it, but you do not have to make every line fit perfectly. 

Erase all the pencil lines after you let the ink dry.

Step 4: Add Some Color...

Ok now that you have inked it in you can do any number of things.  You can scan it into your computer and use the drawing in your favorite graphics program.  Or you can color it in with crayons, colored pencils, markers.....whatever you want.

Me I like colored pencils, so that is what I used.

I like to start with a base color and add splashes here and there.  Then overlap colors for certain effects.  I like blues for fingers, around the eyes and around the mouth because it looks alittle like the characture is cyanotic.  And green because it looks kinda moldy or toxic waste colored.  Experiment, if you play with the concept then you can get all kinds of effects.


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