How to Dye Our Bracelets?




This are all the things that we are going to use.

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Step 1: Step #1

With this process we can get many colors.

In the firts picture you saw the thing we used to dye. 

We can use the roses for dye the thread, for this step we have to crush the roses and put some water, then you have to put the thread inside of the container. 

To get the orange color we would get it from achiote, to get the color we have to boil and put the thread into the pot. 

To create color green we should shred vegetable leaves and then boil it in a pot. 

Step 2:

After having dyed the threads we should put them in the sun so that they get dried and after it you teased them out.

Step 3: Step#2

And in here you get the steps to make different kind of bracelets.

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