How to Easily Booby Trap a Drawer for a Funny Prank!

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Pretty much all you need for this prank is a long string. You might need to modify this method depending on how your victims dresser/drawer is.
It usually works best if they have a table cloth below their stuff.
Just watch and learn!

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    or what i would do (completly inpspired by the office) i woud tie a knot outside of the cabnet, and tie it short, so you couldnt open the drawer all the way, only like 1/5 of the way. so funny!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i think you'd have a prank by:
    1 turning it around
    2 buying some cabnet doors that match
    3 gluing them to the back or front they wont know wich mwa ha ha ha ha ha