How to Eat Dog Food.





Introduction: How to Eat Dog Food.

This prank will show you how to trick your friends into thinking you're eating dog food.

Step 1: Step 1. Gather Your Materials

1. Can of dog food. Preferably your dogs favorite.

2. Any can similar in size to the dog food and with a lift tab. This helps to get clean edges when removing the top.

3. Xacto knife

4. Glue (optional)

5. Beef stew (optional, or something similar to the dog food on the label)

Step 2: Step 2. Feed Your Dog

Remove dog food

Step 3: Step 3. Remove Label

For this step locate the seam of the label and cut on both sides for easy removal.

Step 4: Step 4. Replace Label

Glue the dog food label to the other can. Or if you're lucky, there'll still be some adhesive left on the dog food label allowing for an easy stick.

Step 5: Step 5. Executing the Prank

Now just wait for some visitors to arrive to consume your delicious dog food. You can remind them that it nourishes your skin and coat.

Step 6: Alternative Solution

If you're out of dog food and have cat food instead just use a tuna can.

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    1 year ago

    I pretty much feed my dogs and cats people food nowadays. You can find certain meat that is even cheaper than canned dog food. I buy the large 10 pound bags of chicken thighs (maybe at Walmart) and cook them for several hours to make the bones soft. It comes to about $.60 USD per pound, and it's only meat (plus the water & salt the processing company added).

    With most canned food, the real costs are with the container, shipping, and promotion. The actual food is cheap.

    I do supplement this with dry cat food. I figure it cleans their teeth, and they like it.

    Umm, why bother to switch, just eat the real stuff and then offer others a taste. It is food safe you know.

    Better even--- make up a Chex mix using Chex and nuts and Kibbels and bits. offer it as a snack food for TV viewing, but be shure to have some yourself.

    8 replies

    Years ago (back in the 09's..... a bar in Clarkdale, AZ served doggie treats at the bar (and never told anybody) (well..... a couple people knew) ......they where pretty good actually....

    Have you tried canned cat food? It's nasty, tastes terrible. I wouldn't recommend eating a whole can of it.

    Nope never had the desire to try it.

    Maybe you never thought about it but you gotta wonder about the sense of taste of an animal that will scarf down dead things that have been laying around for a few days. Even fresh mice for that matter. Crunching up those little heads, teeth and brains and eyes, all that good stuff, nice and crunchy. No thanks, I have no need to share.

    I have thought about it. If your pet can eat it why can't you?

    The truth is I wanted to know if it tasted like it smelled. I was right.

    there is a pet food that is healthy for people and cats and cats love it. I think it's for dogs too

    All of the canned pet food has to be processed the same way as any other food otherwise the cans would explode with gasses from the bacteria. In this way it is "safe", you won't get poisoned from it. But in terms of the content, there are "byproducts" (things like entrails and stray organs) that get put in pet food that is generally not used for human food. Does your dog really care if his caned food is made up of 50% beef penis? Probably not.

    But I would definitely avoid eating mice that have been dead for more than a day. That could make you really sick, and even if you swallow them whole you would still have a problem.

    Great trick! But why not just wash the dog food can and use it?

    Go Kosher!

    Love this. Sitting here by myself laughing out loud. Simple yet hilarious.

    You should take a label off a can of food that people eat and put it on the canned dog food.

    Totally thought this was serious. I've watched the Road Warrior too many times...

    My favorite is chopped liver and bacon flavor with some kibble thrown in for crunch.

    Bachelor Chow, Now with Flavor!

    This is a great prank. This would be good to do at work, even if you didn't have a pet!