How to Edit Google Chrome to Prank Your Friends for FREE

Introduction: How to Edit Google Chrome to Prank Your Friends for FREE

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This is a really simple instructable, and ANYONE can do it. It's a great prank to pull on your friends, family, etc. The prank will allow you to edit the contents of the internet, and still be allowed to use it. That means, it's not like one of those photo editing things, where you edit the picture, and then make them believe it's real. In this prank, you are on the internet, and it say what you want it to say, and you can still use it.

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Step 1: Materials

In this instructable, you will need:

- Google Chrome (a browser that can be installed here.)
- Webpage Screenshot (a Chrome extension that can be installed here.)
- Someone to prank

If the webpage screenshot does NOT work, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Webpage Screenshot. 
You can also post the picture on Facebook or something but it won't be as funny.

Step 2: Go to a Website

For this tutorial, I will be showing you one ways I like to do it. This will be like "practice" for you so you can be familiar with the "tools", but it really isn't difficult. In the pictures my friend will be called "Bob Sykes" and I will be "Billy Nye". In the picture, I highlighted the parts I want you to pay attention to.

Go to Yahoo. You may notice that now that you have Webpage Screenshot, the top will have a camera icon. It will be next to the wrench.

Click the Camera button. When you click it, it will say, " Webpage screenshot" and some buttons below it. 

Click "Beta: Edit Content"

Now........ GO CRAZY!!!! I edited some stories to say my friends name, and for the fun of it, I made my name #1 in trending now. My friend went CRAZY! She was like, " YOU HACKED INTO YAHOO?!?!?!"

To make it more convincing, make sure the picture doesn't show anyone's face. Also, make sure all the spelling errors or thought to be spelling errors are corrected or added to the dictionary. It wouldn't be very realistic if your pranking your friend when suddenly, he/she sees a squiggly line. There will be TWO pictures. One is DO and the other is DON'T. Also, use their first AND last names.

In the DO picture, notice that:

- There's no spelling error squiggly thing.
- There is no random guy in the picture.
- The description of the story is goes with the title.
- It has both "Bob Sykes" first and last name.
- It does not overdo it to the point it is not realistic.

In the DON'T picture, notice that:

- There IS a spelling error.
- There IS a random guy in the picture.
- The description and the title are COMPLETELY different stories.
- It only has Bob's first name!
- It overdoes it, having repeated Billy's name a LOT.
- Bob isn't a former UFC champion, so it can be a different Bob.

Step 3: Have Fun!

Enjoy and go on a pranking fest with your friends! Tell me how it went, and their reactions.

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 2

    If you are not scared by HTML there is a way way easier to do this. Just select some text in a normal browsing window, right click on it and then select Inspect Element. A new window or popup should appear and from there you can edit the entire webpage. Of course this dows not edit the actual website, just what you are going to see on scree.


    Reply 4 years ago

    i do that all the time at school LOL!