How to Edit Scripts in Cloud Party

Introduction: How to Edit Scripts in Cloud Party

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This instructable will cover the basics of how to make an object and insert an existing script into it.

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Step 1: Basic Building

Cloud Party scripts are written in Javascript and currently are placed in any object you create via the build tools.

Objects are created outside of Cloud Party, but there is a library of object to choose from.

Before you can script, you must make an object to hold the script.

The basics of building are:

1. While out of chat, press B
2. Click the "Library" button to bring up pallets of existing objects
3. Choose "My First Palette"
4. Click on "block sphere"
5. Left click on the ground to place a single block sphere.
6. Press your ESC key or "back" to stop placing objects
7. Press "X" on the build window or just B on your keyboard to exit build mode

Step 2: Selecting an Object

One you have an object ready, you must be in build mode to insert a script.

Staring from out of build mode, you can either...

1. Right click on your existing object and choose "Edit this" 
2. Press B to enter build mode. Then left click on your object

Once you are in build mode and have your object selected, press the "Object" button at the top left.

Step 3: Inserting a Script

Now that you have an object selected and your are in the object page...

1. Expand the "Scripts" section and click "Open Script Editor"
2. With "Script" selected on the left, insert your script into the window on the write.
3. Hit save then close the pop-up or tab containing the script editor

For this example, use the following script.

function talk() {
        say('Hello World!');

        name: 'talk',
        period: 10

This script should make the words "Hello World!" appear in a text bubble above your object every ten seconds.

Step 4: Editing Your Script

If your script doesn't work right away or you wish to edit it, you can click "Open Script Editor" to edit your script further.

Note you can also take a quick look at your script by right clicking outside of build mode and choosing "Inspect Script"

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