How to Effectively Pack If You Are Moving

Introduction: How to Effectively Pack If You Are Moving

As my family and I are currently downsizing, along with the fact that I will be moving across the country for college this fall, I think I have mastered the art of packing.  Living in a spacious house for 12 years, you tend to acquire a lot of things, having the room to keep them around. When we began packing for the move, we soon realized that the transition to a smaller house would be a tricky one.  Here's what to get rid of, what to keep, and and how to pack it up.

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Step 1: Think of Your Space

Imagine or take a picture of the amount of room you will have for your things in the new place, such as in your closet, so you will know how much you will be able to take.

Step 2: Go Room-by-room

I f you try to clear out everything at once or you will end up being overwhelmed and not know what to do with everything or where to put it.

Step 3: Sort

As you go through thing, it hard to get rid of a lot of it.  Just think of how much you will actually use it. If it will be pulled out every five years, looked at, and put away again, chances are you don't need to keep it. Also, if you do not use/wear something currently, but "have been planning to use it," get rid of it--you won't use/wear it! 

Step 4: Get Rid of It All

Figure out what to do with all of the items you decide to get rid of. Make throw away, sell, and donate piles.  Try to get rid of everything you don't need prior to the move or else you'll just have to take it with you.

Step 5: Choose Boxes Wisely

When boxing up numerous dense items (such as books), use smaller boxes! Though you may not think of it at the time, having a big box full of books is incredibly heavy and difficult to cary.

Step 6: Prepare the New House

If possible, try to prepare the new house for the move BEFORE you get moved in.  Replace flooring before moving in furniature, line drawers before bringing all of your dishes over, etc.

Step 7: Calm Down With the Unpacking

Don't feel like you need to unpack everything the second you move in. Take a day or two to relax and settle in, then break open the boxes.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Downsizing is never an easy feat to taken on especially if the size difference of the new home from the previous one is very huge. However, the key is to stay light and to get rid of any possible items that you know you have not used or do not have any use for. Do not be afraid to dispose of things and do not cling onto them.


    5 years ago on Step 7

    Simple yet really useful reminder. When moving out, we have a high tendency to think of it as something so difficult to accomplish and a task that needs a lot of effort and hard work. Little do we know that we could take things slowly and do one thing at a time. This way, we can achieve a lot more as compared to doing things in a rush. Plan everything well and execute the list in a timely fashion.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing with us these useful tips. I have to admit I am indeed very afraid of moving to a much smaller house. You are absolutely correct when you say we do acquire many things when we stay in a much more spacious place. Over the years, as long as there is still space left, we will buy more and more things. However, when the need to downsize arrives, we are just thrown into a predicament and the most obvious solution out is to get rid of as much as you possibly could.