How to Efficiently Eat Risotto!

Introduction: How to Efficiently Eat Risotto!

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Hello Instructablers, and welcome to my Instructable.

Today we cover how to efficiently eat a steaming risotto!

Risotto is always hot like a live planet core, and so the most of us will split it into smaller mounds, and blow on it before and during the omnomming.

The problems are that in a full plate it can be hard to split it. And you will have to keep blowing to cool it down.

So, how to cool down our risotto in an efficient and fatigueless way? As you may have understood from the main picture, it's the same as cooling down electronics. Or planet cores as well!

This technique can be applied to almost any food, but I think risotto benefits the most from it.

Step 1: Preparing the Plate

You now have a steaming plate of risotto in front of you. Your dinner companions will split it, some will blow until they go violet, and other will challenge the fires and the flames of said risotto into a fierce battle with their tongues.

Not you! Nor your mom, who will be staring at you wondering why in the world you're putting metal into your risotto.

Electronics get cooled down with heatsinks, mainly copper or aluminium. Take one or two of these apart, they won't mind cooling down risotto instead of voltage regulators and power transistors.

My way to efficiently cool it down is to get two aluminium heatsinks shaped as in the picture. The big one will slowly cool the center, while the slender one will be used to cool the sides.

Be sure to wash them carefully with a toothbrush or similar tools, as it can be hard to clean the blades.

Step 2: Distribution

My technique requires to put the big one on the center of the risotto (almost, I won't come checking the measures!), and squish it down a little, to let all the rice underneath transmit its heat.

The next thing I do, is to push the bladelike heatsink into one of the four sides of the risotto. This will cool it down to the right temperature when you will eat it.

But now it is all still hot! What to do?
Eat along the border of the plate, just collect the superficial grains and they will be at the right temperature. When you have completed the circle, the bladelike heatsink will have cooled down the side it was put in.

Be careful as the heatsinks absorb a lot of heat, and will be very hot!

Remove that heatsink and put it inside another side. Now enjoy eating the perfect-temperatured side of rice!

Repeat until all four sides have been omnommed.

Step 3: The Core

Now that you have omnommed all the sides, remove the large heatsink, make two mounds.

Spread one mound and eat it and, if necessary, put the small heatsink in the other one.

Now you can enjoy your risotto meals without caring about cooling it down! Just adjust the size and times for a perfect temperature!

Wash the heatsinks alongside the plates, and keep them with your nomming supplies for easy access.

Thanks for reading through this, goodnight and cool meals!

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    This was always a problem for me too!

    It could use some of these CPU heatsinks!

    PS. Images are not of my own, they are from yahoo. XD


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yup, that would work perfectly well, add a fan and it's going to cool down almost instantly!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    "Waiter, there's a heatsink in my risotto!"

    Do you use thermal transfer compound in the recipe, or on the heatsink? :)

    (Please don't try this!)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ahahah! No I didn't, risotto is actually a pretty good compound...*slaps risotto onto the CPU and snaps it back*