How to Enable Telnet in Windows Vista





Introduction: How to Enable Telnet in Windows Vista

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I have been doing the "Star Wars Telnet Hack," on the computers at school. (XP computers.) But I have been wanting to do it at home, on my Windows Vista. So I searched around, and found how to enable telnet on Vista, and I thought I should share it with the Instructables community.

Step 1: Open Control Panel

You first need to go to your start menu, and select your control panel.

Step 2: Select the Programs and Features Icon

Now that you are in your control panel, scroll down and select the "Programs and Features" icon.

Step 3: Select "Turn Windows Features on or Off"

Now off to the right of the window, there is a link that says, "Turn Windows Features on or of."
Click that link, and a window should pop up called, "Windows Features."

Step 4: Telnet Client

Now scroll down until you find the "Telnet Client" box. Check it and click, "Ok." It will configure the features, and when finished, you will now have telnet.


If you followed the steps right, you now have telnet in Windows Vista. Just go to the RUN command, and type in "telnet." Telnet will then open, and you may do as you wish with it. I recommend the Star Wars movies, by typing a simple "o," then type "" and hit enter. Wait, and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, will play. Only in text form.



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    The desktop background made me laugh. Hilarious. Any luck this may work on Windows 8 desktop?

    1 reply

    It seems like it should. I wouldn't be so sure on an RT release, but a desktop version should have the features able to be enabled. Thanks for your comment and hopefully you can enable it on Win8!

    My computer will not configure this. I click o.k. and it says "Configuring settings (this might take a few minutes)" Then sits there with no progress for half an hour. Any suggestions?

    Great 'ible! I just finished all the steps and I'm waiting for it to update! P.s. I'm using windows 7 and I'm pretty sure it's going to work

    I enjoyed your instructable, but i didn't think your pictures were appropriate. I think a soccer player should be kicking obama in the head. after all, he is the current cause of every problem we currently have, as well as the future generations will have. May the force be with you...

    I know the star wars thing is not a hack, but thats what people call it, and there are more people that are acquainted with that name.

    1 reply

    Yeah I totally know! The so-called "star wars movie hack" is actually posted on a website, and therefore, it's not a hack, but a well-known way to watch a movie. And if anyone reading this does not believe me, try watching it without a internet connection.

    Sorry, but I don't have any experience with macs. I'd love to help, but I can't.