How to Etch a PCB




Making of complex circuit on a breadboard is very hard. This process show you how to make PCB at home.

Step 1: Material Require

1) coper board ( size according to your design)
2) ferrous chloride solution.
3) pcb design
4) iron
5) plastic container
6) acetone and cotton for cleaning
7) drill and 0.8mm bit

Step 2: First Step

take the print out of your design on photo paper using laser printer. inkjet print not work we need laser print only . because it has plastic ink. the design should be mirrored before printing.

now cut the copper board according to your size . then clean it with acetone so you get a clean shiny surface.

place the printed design over the board and use iron on it. due to the heat of iron the plastic ink of laser printer get stuck with metal surface
use iron for 2 to 3 minutes.

when board get cooled. put it in water for 15 to 20 minutes. after that take it out peel it slowly and you get board like shown in image. if the print is not come correctly then use sharpy or permanent marker to correct it.

Step 3: Second

Take a plastic container add some water and then add about 10 grams of ferrous chloride to it. You can also use ferrous chloride solution which is also available in market. Put your bored in solution for about 2 to 3 hours.
Please use this solution properly because it is very corrosive and can stain everything.
When the boards get etched watch it with water. Then cleaning the board with acetone.

Step 4: Third Step

Now we need to drill hole in the board. use 0.8mm bit for drilling purpose. You can use drill press or a hand drill.

Now your PCB is ready for soldering



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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Hi and thanks for your help I have a problem with finding the right paper for this project . Do you have a brand or model number of paper you have used that works well. I am using the Iron on method with MG Chemicals Ferric Chloride etch

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    just bye cheapest glossy photo paper made for inkjet printing. make sure its cheap


    2 years ago

    Interesting technique. Just wondering though (sorry, I'm new to this stuff)... You mention using a Sharpie to correct the image. Can a simple PCB pattern simply be drawn with a Sharpie on one of these boards then etched?


    Reply 3 years ago

    this process used plastic ink from laser print so so heating cannot be done because it could melt the ink and destroy the print.


    3 years ago

    you can bye it from any electronic shop or also on ebay


    3 years ago

    Where is the best place to order the solution online?