How to Execute the Fink Toilet Prank.

This prank actually involves a mensroom urinal, I don't know why it's called the Fink Toilet but the name dates way back to the alt.shenanigans newsgroup. This prank is quick and easy and sure to leave your victims soaking wet, hopefully in the crotch reigon.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

1 Bic-type Pen
X-acto Knife
Duct Tape

Step 2: The Pen

What you are going to do is modify this pen into an angled tube that will redirect the water flow from the urinal.

First, discard the tip and ink. Cut off a 2" length of the pen tube.

Second, make a v-shaped cut somewhere near the center of the tube as pictured.

Third, make a narrower v-shaped notch in whichever end of the tube is longer.

Last, bend your tube and tape it up. I used clear duct tape to help camoflage it.

Step 3: Know Your Urinal.

The narrow notch in the end of the tube is there so you can squeeze it together and stick it in one of the holes at the top of the urinal. Hopefully your notch is the right shape to hold it in there good and tight. Go for one of the holes closest to the center, that's where the most pressure will be.

The length and angle of the tube may have to be suited to the particular urinal you're going to use it on.

When your victim flushes, a good portion of that water is going to shoot straight at him. I recommend you test it out first, there are a few tricks to getting it right:

-If the stream is too weak (lol) you may have to plug some of the other holes. Wadded up toilet paper is good, but can take some time. A quick method is to come prepared with some little corks you can get at any hardware store. Careful, too much pressure will blast the delivery tube right out of the urinal.

-If you still can't get enough pressure, sometime the plumbing will have an exposed adjustment that you can loosen to get more pressure. You may need a crescent wrench or a large screwdriver to open up the valve.

The next-to-last but most important step is WASH YOUR HANDS! You just touched one of the dirtiest objects on the planet.

Lastly, sit back and watch the fun. I myself do not have the guts to film a random victim getting nailed by this, but if you do, youtube the video and I will link to it.

Variation: Use three tubes and point some of them at an angle to hit people standing at other urinals.

I will get some more pics up of the urinal and maybe a video of it in action soon.



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    39 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 3

    theres really a MUCH easier way to do this... just pee your pants! that way you can have the comedic effect and not have to touch a urinal!!! oh... wait, youre doing this to someone else? oh... so i just peed my pants for nothing then... well... crap.

    2 replies

    9 years ago on Step 3

    wot a bloody great idea !!!! this is gonna be great fun


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, this would be funny but I would be kinda creeped out if I step into a toilet and someone is sticking cork and 2 inch rolls of plastic into a urinal....

    1 reply

    11 years ago

    Ahh, that's terrible. Film someone at a urinal?! Are you nuts or just perverted? That would be a good way to spend the night in jail.

    6 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not talking about filming a person's privates, just their reaction to getting sprayed with water. It's not like someone standing at a urinal is going to turn around with their weiner hanging out...